Purchasing and developing your propriety IT infrastructure can be costlier today than in the past.  It requires companies to provide 24/7 support and have staff experts in all areas of technology.   It requires organizations to assume more risk than in the past managing internal as well as external threats.

That's why Micro Support Group offers comprehensive hosting services. Micro Support Group has been providing private hosting solutions for before “Cloud” was even a concept.  Micro Support Group reliable hosting solutions for organizations provides quality secure solutions for IT requirements.

Micro Support Group’s data centers are secure and reliable run in an environmentally responsible manner.  They are all SSAE18 certified and have the ability to withstand weather related events, general power outages, and Internet disruptions.  The data centers are professionally managed and monitored 24/7, with the ability to generate their own power, have biometric security, multiple paths to the Internet, with available private connectivity.

Some of those hosting problems we at Micro Support Group solve are:

  • Connectivity issues – When you need your connection to be dependable, we can provide highly available solutions for critical applications and workplace productivity.
  • Server space issues – We will provide you with ample room all located within our secure data center.
  • Global Infrastructure Support – We'll be able to assist with any issues you have, regardless of the time of night, and even on holidays no matter where your users are located.
  • Help Desk Support – We have perfected the remote support model so we are able respond to your user needs wherever your office is located. If your users are traveling or working from home, we can support them as well.
  • High IT costs – With our fixed monthly rate, you won't have to worry about hourly costs racking up a big bill for you.

Lower your IT infrastructure costs by engaging a company to always make sure you're up to date on all of your software and hardware needs.  Contact us today for a consultation on how our hosting services can be solutions to your IT infrastructure needs.

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