Powerful and Secure Hosting and Information Technology Services

As a leader in technology for more than 35 years, Micro Support Group has consistently provided businesses with expert and reliable IT services and support.  Our extensive experience in hosting allows us to customize cloud environments for clients of all sizes in all industries.  It is our goal to ensure your IT environment doesn't just meet your needs but exceeds your expectations.

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Trusted Information Technology and Hosting Support

Are you’re concerned with the rising and unpredictable costs of your current IT services?

Is your business outgrowing the hardware and support you’ve had for years?

Whatever the reason, we can and want to help.

Our mission is to partner with clients to strategize and execute an effective and secure IT strategy that enables a business to grow and succeed.

It is our business to help your business...

  • Use Time Wisely – With your IT infrastructure and systems managed and monitored effectively, you can get back to focusing on what’s important – growing your business!
  • Save Money – We know just how costly improperly planned or administrated IT hardware, software, support and hosting can be. We are dedicated to developing an economical strategy that eliminate surprise and excessive costs.
  • Stay Up – Downtime costs businesses money. Period.  We work hard utilizing the most modern tools in the industry to keep all clients, not just those hosted, secure and operating night and day, EVERY day.

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, we’re here to team up with you and your company for expert support.

Contact us so we can help your business succeed and grow today!