Managed Infrastructure

Eliminate the need for an in-house IT department with our Managed Infrastructure plan. For a fixed monthly fee, Micro Support Group provides all infrastructure services. We assume responsibility for functionality of the computer room, adding/deleting/editing users to the network, problem solving for viruses, hardware failure, or loss of LAN/WAN connectivity.

Under this plan, Micro Support Group provides a cost-effective, "bullet proof" network infrastructure that minimizes maintenance requirements, is externally manageable, and provides maximum performance. (Networks must be at least Windows 2000 based with a fixed Internet connection.

Managed Infrastructure with Equipment

Micro Support Group makes it possible to run businesses using the most up-to-date systems without having to constantly worry about the purchase, disposal, and maintenance costs of equipment and operating system software.

With our Managed Infrastructure with Equipment option, our clients receive all the benefits of the Managed Infrastructure program with the added benefit that Micro Support Group owns the equipment as well. Choose from a menu of equipment and services and pay only a fixed monthly fee that includes maintenance, installation of service packs and patches, and addition/deletion of users. Equipment and operating systems are upgraded biennially. Micro Support Group provides this service for servers, workstations, and peripherals.