ADH Tracker

ADH Tracker is the total software solution for Adult Day Health Client Management.

ADH Tracker covers all four aspects of ADH Client management:

  • Client Demographics

  • Clinical Data

  • Scheduling & Attendance

  • Billing & Accounts





Client Demographics

  • Add unlimited medical insurance, contacts, physicians, medications, payor sources, diagnosis codes & allergy records for each client

  • Large assortment of reports, forms & labels:

    • Client Identification Sheets

    • Billing Information Sheets

    • Mailing labels for clients & contacts

    • Admission & Discharge Logs

    • Emergency Listings

    • Client contact listings

Scheduling & Attendance

  • Accommodates unlimited payor sources & vendors

  • Flexible scheduling - set payor, vendor & fee for each day of the week for every client

  • Schedule flows directly to weekly attendance

  • Users edit attendance for absences and vendor or payor adjustments

  • Customizable holiday listing to exclude closed days from schedule

  • Comprehensive collection of reports including:

    • Weekly meals attendance form*

    • Yearly meals eligibility enrollment summary*

    • Monthly transportation attendance form*

    • Daily attendance sheets

    • Daily meal tracking sheets

    • Census reports for the month or year

* State required forms

Clinical Information

  • Maintain PCP Orders information & print reports as needed

  • Prints up to 20 prescription medications

  • Nursing, SW, Activity & Medication notes

  • Create Care Plans for three disciplines:

  • Nursing, social work & activities

  • Print tickler reports to alert clinicians when PCP Orders & Care Plans are due

  • Enter & print client notes for five disciplines -Nursing, social work, activities, nutrition & rehabilitation

  • Print medication administration sheets, ADL spreadsheets & more

Billing & Accounts

  • Produce invoices for all payor sources

  • Create Medicaid claim file for electronic submission

  • Create SIMS Excel spreadsheet for ASAP submission (Massachusetts)

  • Ability to bill multiple Medicaid provider numbers

  • Post client payments from all payor sources

  • Automatically post Medicaid electronic remittance

  • Easy to use rate change screen- adjust rates by service, program and/or payor

  • Wide variety of AR reports including:

    • Revenue reports

    • Aging reports

    • Cash receipts

    • AR postings


“Easy to learn and use.”

“Quarterly Reports and other documentation can be worked on by all disciplines at the same time. It has cut down on time for Quarterly documentation to 5-10 minutes per discipline. Entire Quarterly report can be generated in minutes.”

“Medication information is stored; changes in meds can be made on one screen and will be changed on all screens simultaneously. Nursing is able to keep track of past physicians or medications.”

“Easy check off system for entering most common DX and ICD code fields for more specialized diagnoses.”

“Notes are very easy to use.”

Compatible with Windows 7